Франшиза детских центров и садов

Establish a Private Kindergarten or a Cozy Child Development Center with Professional Support and High Yield Franchise in 60 Days

About us

Azamat and Aigerim Zhumagali
Founders of CMG KIDS

After the birth of our first child, we became concerned with his development and future. We tried various child development centers and kindergarten programs, but we could not find what we were looking for. Now, as parents of three boys, our children inspire us to find the best teaching methods that make learning easy and enjoyable.

Our team has valuable experience, and we want to share it with you.

One of the modern trends in child upbringing is early childhood education. Our kindegartens and learning centers are happy to help you in the development and discovering the hidden potentials and talents of your children. Starting from the first days of a baby's life, parents are concerned about the development of their child in a purposeful and systematic way. And our kindegartens and learning centers have been assisting our clients with it since 2016.

CMG KIDS strives to develop children's attention, memory, logical thinking, teach them to read and count, while all this is very fast and easy, in a playful way using three learning languages (Kazakh, Russian and English).

CMG KIDS only selects effective and time-tested methods and practices for early childhood development, improving them according to the latest trends and requirements for children's development and education in the modern world.

History of Creative Minds Group

Launched the Education Abroad project

Opened a language center in Astana
Opened the first child development center in Astana
Opened a child development center in Kyzylorda

Opened a kindergarten in Astana
Opened a child development center in Aktau
Opened a kindergarten in Atyrau
Opened a kindergarten in Astana

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CMG KIDS in figures

from USD $100,000
Investments for opening
> USD $170,000
from 250 m2
Building area
up to USD $10,000
Monthly profit
Franchise Fee
from USD $35,000
Payback period
18-24 months
Invested in Methodology, Marketing, and Business Model

Why now?

State kindergartens are usually overcrowded, and there is a lack of free places.
Limited range of services in preschool
Lack of leisure and entertainment activities in the regions
Severe shortage of preschools
Great interest of society in the quality of children's development
Every year, the market for private kindergardens grows by 35%


CMG KIDS provides the following main services:
  • 7-18 months
    Early development
    Designed for children aged 7 to 18 months old. Each child participates in the classes together with their mother or another adult (father, nanny, grandmother).

    Duration - 1 hour or 1.5 hours.
    Maximum number of children in a group is 8.
    8 times a month or 2 times a week
    12 times a month or 3 times a week.

  • 2 - 5 years old
    Half-day Kindergarten
    Half-day Kindergarten – is a great opportunity for children to become more independent and successfully prepare for full-day kindergarten. And, of course, mom also has time for her own things, and as it is known, a happy mom is the comfort and joy of the whole family.

    Duration - 4 hours.
    The maximum number of children in a group is 10.
  • 2 - 5 years old
    During classes, children's speech and thinking develop, and initial academic skills are gradually formed: the ability to listen and understand the explanations of the teacher, to act according to their instructions, and to complete the task.

    Duration - 10 hours.
    The maximum number of children in a group is 12.
  • 5 - 7 years old
    Preparation for school
    The lessons include games and exercises related to the development of speech, knowledge of the world around us, teaching counting, reading and literacy, and preparing the hand for writing. Our classes will allow you to master all the necessary knowledge and skills to enter the school.

    Duration - 4 hours.
    The maximum number of children in a group is 10.
  • 1 - 4 grades
    After-school care
    Individual approach to helping with homework and Tutoring (working out calligraphy skills, speed reading)

    We will help your child consolidate knowledge, complete and upload homework to the Kundelik website

    Duration - 4 hours.
    The maximum number of children in a group is 10.
  • 5 - 7 years old
    English language
    The program for learning English is designed for children who are starting to learn it. During the learning process for this program, the emphasis is on phonetics, speech recognition, learning the alphabet, and memorizing the most common English words and expressions.

    Duration - 1 hour;
    The maximum number of children in a group is 8.

Our Support

By purchasing the CMGKIDS franchise, you receive:
  • An estimate of the expenses for opening
  • Materials for teachers and educators, staff training
  • Assistance in selecting, repairing, and planning the premises
  • Methodological support and accompaniment
  • Detailed list of purchases and technical assignments
  • Officially registered and legally protected trademark CMG KIDS
  • Personal page on the CMG KIDS website
  • Setting up advertising campaigns to attract clients from the internet and social networks
  • Support in managing social networks
  • Ongoing marketing support
  • Assistance in attracting and registering clients at the stage of development and promotion of the branch in your city
  • An online platform for managing the client base (CRM)
  • Package of regulatory documentation, document flow management, and accounting
  • Assistance in obtaining a license

Collaboration options

  • Franchise
    Open a child development center or kindergarten CMG KIDS in your city
  • Business model
    Child development center or a kindergarten under your brand
  • Mentorship
    Open a child development center or a kindergarten under your brand with our assistance


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